Every citizen in Australia is entitled to representation in a court of law.

While there are some who can afford to spend thousands on a high-end solicitor, others do not have anywhere near the same resources.

Instead of being left behind, these individuals still have access to Melbourne criminal lawyers.

Their presence during consultations and court dates is critical, ensuring that justice is upheld and their rights are respected at all junctures.


1) Less Financial Burden

Melbourne criminal lawyers are provided to citizens that meet the criteria based on a means test and on merit. If they happen to pass that threshold, then they will be able to utilise their services either without any cost or with only minimal cost as stipulated via the grant. Half of the struggle that citizens will face during a legal case is the risk of a poor outcome as well as the onset of major financial pain. At the very least, the monetary struggles are taken out of the equation to ensure they can place all of their focus on the case itself and not the size of the investment.


2) Representation During Key Legal Proceedings

The great news about having Melbourne criminal lawyers in the corner of the client is that they will be able to act as the representative across a myriad of different settings. From the district court to the supreme court trials, bail applications, local court hearings, district court appeals and sentencing to appellate work in the Court of Criminal Appeal, these specialists will know what is required in each of these instances. Participants will rarely have experience in these moments, so it is critical that they are in their corner to advise them on best practice and expected behaviours.


3) Tapping into Industry Experience

There is a misconception that often exists about Melbourne criminal lawyers from the outside looking in. While some of these practitioners will be gaining experience to learn their craft, many others will already have a portfolio of successful cases behind them before they represent their constituents. This places them at the same level as their peers who charge their clients handsomely for their services. They know how to build a case, how to argue that case before a judge or jury as well as identifying inconsistencies with the opposing counsel.


4) Approachable Professionals

With an obligation-free consultation already available from Melbourne criminal lawyers, these professionals offer an easy application process to ensure that the client is not facing any major hurdles before their case begins. A degree of trust needs to develop between the individual and the professional for success to be achieved, and there are fewer practitioners more approachable than legal aid specialists. Once a citizen files through the application process complete with their documentation, they will be able to speak directly with a solicitor to plan the next step.


5) Achieving Results

The knowledge and expertise that Melbourne criminal lawyers bring to the table is designed to achieve one thing – results. This is not a charity exercise or a PR push, but a professional legal practice to increase access to community members who would otherwise be neglected. Recent studies emanating from NSW have actually indicated that these specialists are more efficient than their other counterparts in the legal field, indicating that money does not necessarily equate to quality of performance.


The risk that some citizens can take when not contacting Melbourne criminal lawyers is significant. Particularly for criminal law cases where jail time is possible, it is essential that men and women reach out to these operators as soon as possible. The moment they are in their corner, the sooner they can plan and execute their task to perfection.