The Benefits provided by a company may vary based upon the job description and the type of organization the employee works for. Providing benefits to employees not only increases their productivity, but also increases their engagement within the company. The right kind of benefits can go a long way in enhancing work performance and efficiency.

Flexible working hours

Giving employees the option of having flexible working hours as against fixed timings comes with its own set of benefits. since employees are given control over how best they should utilize the time given to them, it fosters a sense of independence and autonomy among the employees. They are more likely to put in their hundred percent if they have the freedom to choose when to complete a particular task instead of it being thrust upon them. Flexible working hours also reduce the amount of time spent on getting to work, so that employees can avoid the tiredness that comes with long commutes and just focus solely on their work.

Health insurance

Offering health insurance as a part of your benefits package can contribute to employee retention as well as attract new employees. Employees who have an health insurance coverage are more likely to seek preventive health care which will result in healthier employees and reduced absenteeism.

Vacation/ paid time off

Giving employees some paid time off is essential for them to relax, de-stress, and unwind. Punching in long hours day after day can get exhausting, and without an opportunity to get rest, employees might face burnout at work, bringing down their productivity and efficiency. Taking a short break from work can help employees relieve stress and recharge themselves for the upcoming days of work.

Maternity/paternity leaves

Maternity and paternity leaves are essential if a company is looking forward to retaining resourceful employees. Offering paid maternity and paternity leaves also attracts new talent. It gives off the impression that the company looks at their employees as more than just labour and values their well being, which can increase their loyalty towards the company.

Workplace perks


Offering workplace perks to employees is an extremely fruitful practice that companies should adopt. These perks can come in the form of free snacks, meals, or even free hobby classes like cooking classes and so on. This ensures that the employees aren’t fixated on their work in an unhealthy manner, and get a break from their work from time to time. When a company takes the extra step forward to ensure the welfare of its employees, it projects the employers in a positive light and encourages the employees to return to the organization.