Becoming a divorce solicitor is no easy feat. In order to qualify for an undergraduate degree, you’ll certainly need some high marks to ensure you get a spot, along with a very good academic vita. In Australia, the undergraduate course is usually five years full-time study, so prospective solicitors need to mentally prepare for a long slog.

If you are currently battling away through bitter divorce proceedings and are unhappy with your current legal representation, then it’s time to make a switch. On the other hand, if you’ve recently separated from your partner and are on the lookout for legal representation, then this guide will also be of great value to you. The following key attributes are qualities that often characterise the best family lawyers Sydney based experts.



The best family lawyers in Sydney are always committed and dedicated to their clients. Indeed, they’ll take a proactive step in scheduling consultations that suit your time needs and ensure that your queries are answered through follow-up calls. Poor communication is something you simply don’t have time for. The sign of a great solicitor is a person who is incredibly committed to their work and their clients. They’ll go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that you get the most out of your divorce settlement.


Basics done well

Another thing that the best family lawyers in Sydney do is the basics. All the day-to-day tasks that need to be completed effectively will occur as such. Think about all the court documentation that needs to be completed and filed on time, along with all the logistical requirements, like applying for a court day. With an effective and committed barrister, you won’t have to worry or stress over any of these tasks, because your legal counsel will handle it for you.


Copious experience

Moreover, the best family lawyers in Sydney also have a lot of experience. Not only does this add to their credibility on paper, but it also means they’ve come across a lot of different cases, which only bodes well for you as their client. From a practical standpoint, the more cases your solicitor has presided over, the better equipped they are at handling your matter and getting you a decent divorce settlement.


Upfront and honest

Unfortunately, divorces can bring out the worst in us because they are so painful. It is common for two separating partners to simply want to take their ex for everything they have, without considering fairness or equality. This can be especially complicated if children are involved, since divorcing parents can become irrational and emotive when it comes to seeing less of their children.

Having said this, the best family lawyers in Sydney will be able to speak candidly and let you know when you are taking things too far or being unreasonable, while also encouraging you to be more forthright if you are being too agreeable. The last thing you need is a nodding dog or a “yes man.” You want a solicitor who is willing to fight for you every step of the way, while curtailing your expectations and keeping you focused on what’s most important.


Outside the box thinking

While Australia’s legal system is largely prescriptive, every now and then a case comes along that warrants a bit of creative reasoning. When this challenge comes, it is the best family lawyers in Sydney who will rise to the occasion. Sometimes, the answer isn’t obvious and the process to discover a meaningful, valid approach can take a lot of time and effort. While this is more accustomed to criminal cases, divorce proceedings can be equally convoluted.

So, if you need solid legal counsel, make sure you research some of the best family lawyers in Sydney to represent you in your divorce.