Since completing Designworks’ full-time graphic design course in August last year, designer Selina Kidd is making leaps and bounds in the running of her Currumbin-based home studio,

After graduating, Selina jumped into an internship with a marketing agency and though found it interesting, quickly realised she wasn’t being entirely fulfilled.

“I’m 50 this year, and I want to do what I want to do,” says Selina of her idea to start her own studio.

“I don’t want to climb the ladder for years – I’m on a deadline to enjoy my work.”

Spending twenty years on the Gold Coast, Selina has built up a supportive network of businesses and friends, many of which have since become clients.

Realising every business’s need for some level of graphic design, Selina says she is starting to feel her way and becoming more confident in the design industry.

“It’s just about knowing people and talking to them – sharing what you’re really interested in, and in my case, that’s creating great solutions for people who enjoy my work.”

Selina’s offering includes full brand identity creation and development, rather than focusing solely on logo design, creating a visual voice for each individual business.

“I want to let a brand’s voice be heard through creative thinking, as opposed to just creating pretty pictures,” says Selina.

No stranger to owning a small business, the newly-graduated designer says she loves the freedom of working her own way.

“I work ridiculously long hours – it’s my own level of personal expectation.

“If I’m in the zone, I will just work for 24 hours straight – I really enjoy it.”

Having a solid business plan and consistently evaluating your growth as a designer are key to the success of a self-contained studio, says Selina.

“I’m still developing my technique and understanding of design, and I’m still growing and will continue to grow.”

Stepping out of Designworks and into the design industry, Selina says she was well equipped to handle the pressures of real briefs.

“I’ve realised the pressure at college is actually just normal pressure – but now, it’s real and you’ve just got to get it done!” says Selina.

“I’m constantly referring back to the steps Drew taught us – I’m really impressed about how on the ball he was with pushing us, and making sure we did achieve a certain level that’s expected of you on a real brief.”

The designer notes she has loved working closely with business owners on each project, and driving more direction with the briefs.

“I ask about 20,000 questions, and I always reflect back on them – I try to really critique my work,” she says.

Selina’s currently working on a number of websites and proposals for local businesses.